Monday, 21 February 2011

Basking Sharks 2011

We are running a deal up until the end of March with a 15% discount for all new customers. This offer is available on our Basking Shark, Blue Shark and Manta programs up until the close of show at the London International Dive Show where we will be present on stand No 329.
Our Basking shark charters run from mid June until mid July and we have very limited spaces. It takes part in one of the most beautiful parts of the UK, and is populated by the most stunning wildlife the UK has to offer, in the air and on the land. Don't miss it.

Sunday, 13 February 2011

This Is My Home...

This is the place I learned to love the sea, the place where our island bleeds into the ocean that relentlessly batters this soft earth into an unwilling submission. The faces of the cliffs above slashed by trembling lines, the final bleeding traces of the land that sits atop. This raging sea betrays the silent, dispassionate blue sky of the first days of spring sweeping above. Both stretch uninterrupted to the horizon, and meld in their own infinity.

Here, on the frontline though, their separation I have never witnessed so distinct. The fringe between land and sea appears frazzled, the ground beneath my feet shudders as each wave pounds into the boulders beneath. The air is filled with the reek of seaweed; atomized, forced into the air by the treacherous force of each ragged howl.

The thunderous tumult of the roiling boulders, thrown about by deep water beyond is pierced by the desperate screech of the scattering foam as it rattles and scurries its way onto shore.
The land does not yield. Silently it sits in blank stoicism, ignoring the taciturn deeds of this harbinger in crystal raiment. Today the sea seems angry, like the chattering white caps are echoing the despair of all the people around the world concerned with its future, and like the rest of the world who care not, the blue sky looks down, unmoved.

This picture of the moon was taken on a fairly long hike back home after this incredible day. The elements were on full display, and this moon did not disappoint.

Thursday, 10 February 2011

Corruption Wins in Costa Rica

The private docks that were recently closed for the purposes of landing sharks fin in Costa Rica have been re-opened again. The controversial docks that had been successfully closed after pressure from the international community's outrage at Costa Rica's stark ignorance of the finning trade happening on their doorstep.
Landing shark's fin is illegal in the government controlled docks, but until recently had gone on unchecked in privately owned docks, with the pro shark lobby considering it a considerable victory that this practice had been checked with their closure.
Not surprisingly the ban has been revoked and the authorities have bowed to the corruption that tends to rule the way of life of this region of Latin America.
This site has begun the intent to rally up support to get them closed again:
Please write the following to try to turn the tide again.

Judge Rosa Cortés Morales
Minister of Tourism Carlos Ricardo Benavides
Contact form for President Laura Chinchilla (for residents only) and a question form (for those without a cedula)
And, here is your letter:
Estoy disgustada con la anulación de la ley de INCOPESCA y la reapertura de los muelles privados en Puntarenas, llevada por la decisión del juez de la corte civil Rosa Cortés Morales.

La práctica del aleteo de tiburón es horrible, insostenible, cruel y va en contra de todo lo que representa un “verde” y amigable con el medio ambiente para Costa Rica.

Además, se garantizan consecuencias negativas para el turismo ecológico del país, especialmente a la luz del asalto físico en contra el famoso chef británico Gordon Ramsey, el cual ocurrió a principios de este año en los muelles privados en Puntarenas, y que será lanzado internacionalmente través de la televisión sindicada.

Esta nueva ley tendrá consecuencias devastadoras para el turismo de Costa Rica, le instamos CERRAR los muelles privados a las embarcaciones de aleteo de tiburón y poner fin a esta práctica horrible.

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

Martin Clunes Manta Fundraiser

Today sees the official launch of the Martin Clunes fund raising evening that will take place on the 24th March 2011 at The May Fair Hotel in London. Martin kindly offered to attend an event to raise funds for our research and so we can now proudly offer a night of cinema at The May Fair's private screening room for an exclusive viewing of Man to Manta.
I have built a site especially for the event and you can find more about it, as well as buy tickets at The Official Website.