Saturday, 21 November 2009

Is this the world's first ever Shark Officer?

BBC news today reports that scotland is to create the post of Sharks Project Officer. you can read the full report here. This could be the first creation of such a post anywhere by a government agency with the sole responsibility of developing shark conservation initiatives. Great move scotland!!


keeper said...

Hi Mark - Having just read your blog re shark conservation I've attached a link that you may already be aware of: j
The Natal Sharks board in S.Africa has been actively involved in research of sharks off the East coast of Southern Africa for many years. During 1960's-1980's their primary objective seemed to be in protecting swimmers/bathers through catching sharks (Great Whites and others) in fixed nets along the Durban/Umhlanga beaches; this evolved to protect and conserve sharks too. Jules Brittan.

Mark Harding said...

Hi Keeper...hmmm....thanks for sending me that link. Unfortunately it is an exteremely biased piece singing the praises of the Natal Sharks Board, which is heavily criticised in shark conservation circles for its rediculous shark net program. Have a read of my earlier post on it: eyemocean: Tiger White's Demise - A Shark's Fate.