Sunday, 19 September 2010

Mantas Behaving Badly

Oh dear! I couldn't think of a better title, which just goes to show how much I watch TV these days. I had the pleasure of meeting Martin Clunes last week, when he came to interview me as part of his next natural world documentary called Man To Manta. He was part of a team that arrived to shoot my work here as well as feature my best manta buddy Andrea Marshall, who was with us to satellite tag some of our rays as part of her worldwide study on Manta birostris.
True to any animal that gets to go on TV, the mantas refused to turn up for the cameras and in a show of defiance, left our study area for about five days. To be honest I was pretty happy with that as it adds to the mysterious awe they eminate when we do get to see them, and I hope the guys get to do that justice when they get in the editing suit. Man to Manta is due to air on the 2nd of January on ITV.
As for our mantas, they turned up again a couple of days ago and I will blog again soon with and update on how we are doing.
A pretty terrible photo of me, but a decent one of the other two..! Credit: unknown.


Anonymous said...

Hey Marky, I like that photo of you, kinda reminds of a modelling pout...hmmm you could be the new Jordon! Wig on route!!

Seriously good work dood, keep going. See you when you get back.


Mark Harding said...

Yo timmo, haha yes, I seem to have a knack of messing up all the good photos. Martin had an app on his iphone where he could put a wig onto a photo. The general concensus was that as a blonde I looked like an elderly librarian...!