Saturday, 16 October 2010

Ecuador: Grace Under Pressure

Here are a couple of images I took in my last few days of my recent time in Puerto Lopez. Ecuador has always been a turbulent country, and recently the propensity of its people to generate their own instability showed itself again, with futher unrest in the capital, said to be part of the aftermath of the events that unfolded in Quito on September the 30th.
So unrest is nothing new. What is new to the people of Ecuador is stability and direction, and the pressure that that brings. Maybe things are beginning to crack, but then again, maybe it is just society adjusting itself to the effects of long term growth, change and a new found national responsibility. In these difficult financial times, felt by countries rich and poor, there can be no certainty of the outcome.
Ecuador is a gem in the world's crown, and like that of any country, its future can be seen only through the eyes of its children.

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