Monday, 4 March 2013

Love is in the Air...basking sharks sniff the urge.

...Or is that spring? Yes, spring is springing, even though it's cold enough to (insert analogy here), the days are lengthening, and I'm quite sure there have been more than four hours of sunshine in the last week. YAY! I woke yesterday to the sound of pigeons cooing down the chimney pot at me. The birds, and the bees, are peeking out at the handfuls of buds on the trees and bushes, and the wheels are in motion for the inevitable arrival of spring. That means that all of the conditions favourable for the generation of plankton are forming up somewhere out in the Atlantic, or if not there then at the tilt of a couple of tenths of a degree of the planet's axis and we should have enough of a warm up to get the plankton moving up around Mull and the surrounding islands for another basking shark feast. What does that mean? Well scarily it means only about 12 more weeks until our first trip up, and we can, apart from basking sharks, have an excuse to land on some of the inner hebrides and search out shots like this one. Trips spaces available: Mull Photography Itinerary (some sharks, lots of land wildlife, including otters). 26th May to 1st June Basking shark only trips: 7th to 13th July and 21st to 27th July. Diving + Basking Sharks: 28th July to 1st August.

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