Tuesday, 8 April 2008

home from shore

Here is my first blog. Wow, seems a little strange. Such a public diary. I should have done this years ago in a paper form, my tales of adventure both at home and overseas, have always entertained my friends, many saying I should write a book, something funny, a tale more of mildly entertaining disaster than fulfilling conquest. Such is life, fulfillment is looking back fondly or looking forward with eager anticipation. Adventure is in the moment.

I have just returned from a trip to South Africa to film sharks as part of my documentary on the terrible industry in shark fins. I shall continue more of the why's and wherefore's of that journey later, but for now, I am still high on the vibe of being in the company of such likeminded people who love the ocean, who's daily lives are ruled by it, the ebb and flow, the need to live free from conformity, to live with the ocean one has to move like the sand, ones daily life develops without rigidity. Rigidity is worn down and destroyed by the ocean. Walls are crumbled, wooden structures are smashed or rot in the relentless salt. To live with the sea demands an organic approach to life. To meld with the torridness or the tranquility. My trip to South Africa, first to the cape and then to Durban, was enhanced so much by being with the people who live with like this, with the ocean......

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