Sunday, 13 April 2008

sow lies, reap disrespect

I noticed a while ago, on the msn homepage, a link to a National Geographic channel named Bull Sharks Hunt.

Whilst watching it, I was not at all surpised to see more tiring references to Bull, Great White and Tiger sharks as being the ones most known to attack people on a (to quote the channels words) "regular basis". I was not surprised because the media as we know, only seem to be able to sell a story by sensationalising it. But what does surprise and concern me, and should concern all of us, is when a flagship channel like National Geographic, fails to uphold its reputation for factual and informative documantary, instead choosing to broadcast poor quality, untrue pap dressed as information. In an age when the media is dictated to more by accountants than the desire to reveal the truth, more and more formerly noble houses have turned to popularism to ensure the men in grey suits go home happy, whilst the viewers, those eager to saturate their brains in more than just reality tv pulp, are fed little more than the journalistic equivalent of french fries. No wonder people watch so much television, we all know that junk food is designed to leave us wanting more.

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Wolf Leander said...

Spot on, Mark!! Excellent blog - should be published to be read by as many people as possible!!