Monday, 25 January 2010

Makos can be fished despite legislation...

Pressure from sport fishing groups in Australia over a recent ban on fishing for Mako Sharks has seen the country's Environment Minister, Peter Garrett finalise a succesful bid to overturn the ruling for sports fishermen in Australian waters.
The Convention for Migratory Species, a UN sponsored body, implemented a no catch ruling after stocks of Mako sharks have plummeted in the Eastern Atlantic and the Mediterranean. Australia was bound by the ruling as it is a member of the CMS. Both long and shortfin makos were included as well as the Porbeagle.
The decision drew immediate criticism from Australia where Mako sharks are said amongst the sport fishing communities to be common. Peter Garrett has won a reprieve for the sports fishing community by gaining a catch and release exclusion from the ban.
However, some amongst the sports fishing communities were not in agreement saying that tighter restrictions are inevitable and necessary to protect dwindling species.

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