Wednesday, 6 January 2010

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The US state of Massachusetts may see the development of up to 200 offshore wind farms according to a state oceans blueprint released earlier this week. It gives power to local communities allowing them the opportunity to develop anywhere between 7 and 24 turbines in coastal waters which includes up to three miles offshore.
This is the first plan of its kind in the US and could well be a world leading initiative. The blueprint also aims to introduce zoning for environmentally sensative areas such as fish spawning sites, whale feeding zones and bird nesting. Any commercial activity proposed will have to prove that it will not damage or disturb the species for which the zone was implemented.
Unfortunately, as with our UK wind turbine schemes, there is always the question of aesthetics and the US has its own version of the NIMBY and the massachusetts plans are being fought by those who don't like turbines on the horizon. You can read the full and informative article here.

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