Sunday, 31 January 2010

Scientists unveil Galapagos conservation plan.

Gabriel Lopez, executive director of the Charles Darwin Foundation said in a report released on Friday that the Galapagos Islands were facing "the most challenging days of their history". The report outlined successes of three "emblematic" programs that began in 2009 and were set to continue into 2010. Lopez said that data gathered by scientists show "it is almost certain that el nino events will be more frequent, more intense" and could have a devastating impact on the island's endemic species like sealions and marine iguanas". The report marks the 50th Anniversary of the organisation.

The quotes are particularly interesting as they contain, in both key sentences, adverbs of degree, indicated above in italics. One expects a certain amount of negativity within scientific doominology, particularly as the realms of science become more and more politicised. However, the foundation associated with the godfather of natural science should steer away from such lip service and be very clear and precise about what it is saying.

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